The Brand
With the vision of four designer from NIFT Mumbai, MadSamTinZin, began their adventures journey on 1.1.12. It embodies in itself the soul aim to beautify women with their creations.With a penchant for innovative embroideries, flattering silhouettes, the brand approaches to fill the niche of intuitive designs, executed with unparalleled craftsmanship.

MSTZ caters to the new generation of brides, with its unique take on its new age trousseau along with women with an individualistic sense of style. The MadSamTinZin bride has the freedom to unload, unwind and have fun.
Meet MadSamTinZin
Madhuritu Dutta

The Romantic

With her imagination and creativity, she breathes life into each season of the MADSAM TINZIN collections. Her skill with visualisation and ornamentation techniques helps bring forth the most stunning yet subtle embroideries.

Her creative prowess, tables a never-before ornamentation idea, to ensure a strong collection. Her fierce individuality lends itself to the clothes she designs; with her eye for detail, every piece becomes unique, fabrics -romanticised and translated into statement pieces.

She is a perfect semblance of traditional nuances expressed through a new vision and a contemporary appeal. Her design inputs make the collection, dreamy and individualistic.

When not designing, she prefers the company of animals, being a devoted dog lover.
Saumya Sharma

The Purist:

Her vision and interpretation are an absolute.

Her imprints are clearly visible in MADSAM TINZIN, as the perfect cuts, drapes and silhouettes. She embodies precision, which is why each piece is pure symphony for both the creator and the wearer.

She has an aptitude to transform silhouettes, etched on paper, into breathtaking, bespoke outfits. As a result the clothes become the individual.

She is her brand's biggest critic, thus, making her also the strongest purveyor of perfection and craftsmanship. Her focus, always to ensure easy functionality alongside custom styling.
Tina Bhardwaj

Master Constructor:

This tiny tornado of the team is also the master constructor of the MADSAM TINZIN collection.

Her forte clearly lies in the construction of looks, season after season. She sets the pace for defining the silhouettes, colours, patterns and embellishments.

She ensures that the designs, drapes and ornamentations are functional and wearable across occasions. Her confident, easy going and tireless persona, keeps the teams' energy levels high, at all times. She exudes positivity and is a great orator.

She is also a natural, at managing the business. Be it organising things, managing deadlines or getting the best out of the craftsman, she does it all with absolute ease.
Stanzin Dazes

The Constant in this quadratic equation

Stanzin’s relentless calm and reserve is what holds the team together.

She is the one who samples and sets the exquisite embroideries, in the most aesthetically appealing patterns, across the collection. She lends her contagious Quirk to the MADSAM TINZIN outfits.

A quiet listener with an unwavering mind, she provides a holistic and neutral view to problems and solutions.

She is resolute and sure footed. She drives the brand to think, expand and grow, organically.

« Brand
Varied culture, architectural, religious and design elements of morocco have inspired us for this "Festive Collection".

ZELLIJ , an enameled tilework, makes for the core of their décor.

Mostly patterned, it symbolizes eternity with a continuous motif.

This collection, like Moroccon style is a scintillating combination of architectural shapes, sublime embroidery, vivid inky colours and intricate fresh patterns.
The multi coloured hues of zellij are the glistening rays of the sun celebrating the advent of the season of love and romance.

The idea was to travel with "ZELLIJ" to a destination where waves caress the beach, or a royal backdrop of an amber sunset fading into the ombre night sky.

Thus came Zellij Resort Wedding Collection – a line of breezy, romantic silhouettes for the great Indian destination wedding.

Zellij embodies mix of warm and cool colours inspired by the traditional Indian and Moroccan hues.
This collection evokes the emotion of a true romantic admiring the simple but profound beauty of the courtyard.

This feeling is captured by geometric tile prints occasionally enhanced by intricate floral embroideries and playful use of transparency.

This collection has a mix of light weight fabrics ranging from silk organza, dupion and georgette.

The colour palette draws upon subtle summer hues while the silhouettes are elegant with a hint of bohemian ease

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